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Knot a joke

A young woman becomes Rick Savage's captive and, after she is tied, gagged, and blindfolded, is introduced to the various ways a cat o nine tails can be used--to whip and torture, to tickle the bottoms of feet, and even to tantalize a clit

Bondage newbie

Rick Savage introduces a neophyte to the world of BDSM and promises to be gentle with her.

Nasty nipples

Gilda's tortured nitties are weighted down painfully, and she can't take it...at least, not without screaming. Can you watch without screaming as the weights drag her nipples painfully downward and pinch them in the process? A sadomasochist's delight.

Taming the redhead

Master Savage is determined to break redheaded Seans spirit and body in his dungeon

Savage is as savage does

Now, that has got to hurt! She probably thought that she was just in for a little roughhousing, but she got a whole lot more. Thats definitely not a smile on her face under that ball gag--shes in real pain. Titty torture leads to pussy torture, complete with clothespins and electric shock.

The doctor will see (all of) you now

The pretty Angelica has come all the way from England just to receive one of Master Rick Savages famed painful medical examinations. You see, the poor girl is sick. Her problem? EXTREMELY sensitive breasts and nipples. Somehow the twisted doctor decides that for some unexplained reason, tit torture will solve her condition. But first , a rectal exam and an oral exam without bothering to change latex gloves. But angelica has come all the way across the pond for a thorough examination. So after testing the sensitivity of her bum with a riding crop, the evil Dr. Savage puts our British babe on the exam table, high heels in stirrups, so that her quivering quim can also undergo a "Painful Examination"

Tit agony

Ebony Porn Star Spantaneeus XXXtacy gets her round melons abused

Fatty gets beat

19 year old Stevi and her huge breasts recently visited New York City to meet Rick Savage. She tells Rick that she loves pain and submission, so he serves up a dose of "Savage Treatment". Lots of tit-slapping and breast torture takes place under the Brooklyn Bridge and driving through the city streets. Finally, Stevi is bound on a rooftop in plain view of thousands of commuters. This is the most intense volume of the Extreme Tit Torture series yet.

St. andrews cross

Alexa is tied and beaten in Ricks New York Dungeon

Punished slave

Sexy model Mahem spends a few hours under the harsh supervision on Master Savage

Titanic tit terror

Huge boobed Rusty gets her giant melons abused

Gagged in lingerie

Tit bondage and humiliation to the extreme

Bdsm audition

Sexy Kate in erotic and tantalizing bondage positions

Waxed tits

Trinity is ball gagged and drooling all over her waxed tits

Mikos punishment

Schoolgirl Miko endures brutal punishment

Nikkis painful exam

Naughty Nikki, star of Galaxys Extreme Tit Torture movies has been sent to the evil Dr. Savage. Did somebody say "breast exam"? And Nikkis medical problem? Her boyfriend claims that she is too horny. Well, Dr. Rick has some quite menacing procedures that will definitely determine whether Nikkis "problem" is just a figment of her boyfriends imagination. And when the Dr.s pal Joe Gallant stops by to lend a hand in her exam, Nikkis medical "treatment" becomes quite excruciating. Including, having her tits bound with rope until they turn blue, harsh spanking and paddling and being tied to the gyno table where her pussy is stretched WIDE open, then doused with scorching hot candle wax. Rick and Joe are determined to get to the bottom of her problem.

Double d tits

Ricks rope work turns Vivians huge tits into works of art

Secretary bondage 6

Redhead Beauty Paige gets strapped and smacked around by Master Savage

Blonde bondage

Blonde cunt is tit-tortured until she submits

Urine test

Doctor Rick makes sure that his patient is painfully uncomfortable during this examination

Titty-titty bang bang

Ricks fascination with tits is unequalled. In this video, Rick mauls and slaps the tits of a woman wearing a white lace bra and bikini panties, who is bound and gagged and doesn't seem too happy with what he is doing. But naturally, that is no deterrent to Rick. He ties the woman's tits at the base of each one, till her boobs turn purple from engorgement with the blood that is trapped and can't flow back into her body. Then, with her tits super-sensitized from this treatment, he puts clips on them and rakes them with a sharp, multi-pointed instrument.

Savage treatment

Have you ever blindfolded and told an innocent pretty cherubic 19 year old with a luscious body to strip? No? Well pop this tape into your machine and enjoy the fun. Its strict bondage, pussy spanking and sheer torture as our young sweetheart Jessica demonstrates a truly submissive nature that will satisft all of your cruelest desires.

Audrey gets abused

Audrey's bondage audition would be enough to scare off all but die-hard submissive. Would YOU like to strip for a strange man with a sadistic reputation, allow him to blindfold you, then submit to having your buns whipped and raked, hot wax poured on you, and more? Either Audrey is EXTREMELY eager to be in the movies or she's a dyed-in-the-wool sub. Either way, you'll get your rocks off watching this

Tit-weights and butt pins

Submissive blonde Kimberly would like to work as a slave at the Den of Iniquity dungeon in Manhattan, so Master Savage accepts the task of auditioning her soft, curvy flesh. A hard spanking reddens her ass and then her body is introduced to the feel of tight rope bondage. Can she endure the Savage Ones brand of painful pussy and nipple punishment? Does she demonstrate the proper submissive nature needed to become a professional slave? Well... watch the movie and you be the judge.

Stirrup torture

Following Zoes Painful examination our favorite, minxy blonde is back. During her sadistic exam on the “gyno” table, Zoe discovered an obsession for having cruel tortures perpetrated upon her succulent, shaved pussy. Now she returns to allow Master Savage to devote an entire video to the punishment of her beautiful bald beaver. She endures pussy spanking, weights on her lips, bondage rope cutting deep into her slit, bottle brush torture, clips, clamps, labia zippers and burning hot was mixing with her pink wetness! This is the most erotic and sadistic volume in galaxys pussy torture series.

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